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Winter fruit tree

Last year we visited Nozawa in April. We had a good time skiing, but it was definitely the tail end of the season. The village was warm, the gardens and gardeners emerged. This year, this was the only sign of horticulture, a lone fruit tree, still laden. You can see this tree in summer on google street view - https://goo.gl/maps/Lbho2cj7ZSG2 - quite a difference!

I love shooting into the sun, especially when the sky is so blue and the ground is covered in snow. Snow acts like a huge soft box bouncing light all over the place, which is a blessing for photographers. You can see here that the houses aren't in deep shadow despite pointing the camera straight into the sun. I'm also grateful for the amazing dynamic range of my camera. When I ice climbed in Scotland, I had an EOS300 film camera. It was excellent at shooting silhouettes, only having half the range captured here.

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