Our human footprint - 38frames
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Three planes

There are only three planes in this image, how is that possible. I stood fascinating by the whole scene, the light dancing on the water, painted against the wall, the glass structure it's blend of building, contents and refection. So much going on. The voice in my head told me to zoom in, isolate interesting elements, but my other voice wanted to capture everything, the thing that had drawn my attention. I took a series of images, each one I like but this is the one that fascinated me. The simplicity of an intersection between three planes and the complexity of the scene. An unusual photograph of the photographer, reflected in one of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay buildings. A fellow photographer described it as Escheresque.

2015BWBlack and WhiteGlassMarina BayNovemberPlacesSingaporeboardwalklayersmonochromaticmonochromephotographerreflectionsripplessteelsunwater