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Handle with care

I like to shooting details of wild animals and plants, a close up of a butterflies wing, the uncurling of a new fern, the curve of a ducks neck, head tucked under a wing. This is a detail from a slightly larger beast.

Esplanade Theatres in Singapore are affectionately know as The Durians. The a pair of large curved surface resemble the smelly fruit popular with some in Singapore. It divides the world like no other fruit, you love it or hate it. The haters hate it so much that to carry one on public transport insures a fine of $5000, the same as carrying explosive materials.

The Theatres are loved. Located on The Bay, they are now one of Singapore's iconic landmarks. The roof is glass covered in Aluminium scales preventing a greenhouse effect.

Handle with care, the fruit is spiky and you wouldn't want to drop it. But the title reflects the smooth area between teeth like scales. It makes my think of a smooth patch of reptile's scales, or a dragon.

I love the three curves, the roof edge, the undulating horizon and glow of light. Interpret it as you like.

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